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Papers from the Fifth International British Council Symposium, September 2001
Collection GRAAT
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Livre numérique Seeing Things: literature and the visual

The Papers collected here are representative of the four seminars of the symposium, and, in their various ways, explore many of the concerns of the conference in dealing with literature and various aspects of the visual: painting, cinema, television, ... Plus

Livre numérique Fonctions du Cliché : du Banal à la Violence

The first meaning of the word "cliché" is "positive": in typography a cliché is a metal plate upon which an image is reproduced in relief. In photography, however, cliché is a "negative" and, indeed, its most current acceptation is that of commonplace, ... Plus

Livre numérique Usure et rupture - Breaking points

Certain recurrent ideas emerge through the rich diversity of papers collected here under the title Usure et Rupture: the necessity of cultural memory in finding an idiom, ... Plus

Livre numérique L'Allusion et l'Accès

L’Allusion et L’Accès follows on from work previously published in GRAAT, in particular Usure et Rupture – Breaking Points (GRAAT 13) and Fonctions du Cliché – Du Banal à la Violence (GRAAT 16). Plus