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The Human (In)Security of Shan Migrant Workers in Thailand
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Livre numérique Perceptions of Borders and Human Migration

While there are many prior studies to date on the internal conflicts in Burma, these are mostly focused on the human rights situation within the country. In addition, many previous marked studies, such as works from Thai academics, ... Plus

Histoire d’une résurgence de la piraterie maritime
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Livre numérique Pavillon noir sur l’Asie du Sud-Est

Anachronisme ou résurgence d'une pratique que l'on croyait oubliée ? En Asie du Sud-Est, la piraterie maritime est en tout cas qualifiée de « nouvelle menace ». Plus

Livre numérique The Resurgence of Sea Piracy in Southeast Asia

Eric Frécon's study starkly reveals the fragility of the internal societies and the inadequate regulation of the Asian region by boldly plunging into a reality- that of piracy- that during the Cold War had been habitually restricted to notes of secret ... Plus