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Livre numérique Réalités et représentations de la violence en postcolonies

On s'habitue - presque - à tout, même à la violence ! On s'exaspère de tout, parfois des livres sur la violence ! On se proclame expert en tout, surtout quand il s'agit de dénon­cer la violence ! On se veut cynique en tout, ... Plus de résultats

Papers from the Fifth International British Council Symposium, September 2001
Collection GRAAT
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Livre numérique Seeing Things: literature and the visual

The Papers collected here are representative of the four seminars of the symposium, and, in their various ways, explore many of the concerns of the conference in dealing with literature and various aspects of the visual: painting, cinema, television, ... Plus de résultats

Livre numérique “Polar noir”: Reading African-American Detective Fiction

Curiosity and the desire to grasp the specificity of an abundantly read African American genre born as the 20th century was beginning are the research intentions that inspire this volume. Indeed, ... Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Reading Percival Everett

African-American writers willingly attend European symposiums dealing with their work because scholars here focus on textual aspects American readers frequently leave aside. Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Recent Trends in Narratological Research

Individually, these articles approach narrative from various angles, focusing both on matters that have been debated since even before the advent of narratology and on questions that have been dealt with in only a limited way in the past; together, ... Plus de résultats

Livre numérique (Re)Mapping the centres Membership and State

How is it possible to belong to a territory when its boundaries are no longer exclusively physical? How can we define the centre, or allegiance to that centre, at the beginning of the third millennium, ... Plus de résultats

Inaugural Lecture delivered on Friday 24 March 1995
Collège de France - 13/02/2017
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Livre numérique Literatures of Medieval France

This long tradition would certainly not be a reason in itself to keep or restore the subject, had it not something to do with the subject itself. All of the associations between the past and literature, ... Plus de résultats

Like a Language That We Could All Understand
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Livre numérique Music and the Irish Imagination

Irish music holds pride of place among the cultural attributes defining Ireland, and its role in shaping national identity is undisputed. To question these certainties which tend to convey a restrictive notion of a so-called Irish music, ... Plus de résultats

Inaugural Lecture delivered on Thursday 30 November 2006
Collège de France - 07/02/2014
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Livre numérique What is Literature for?

Along with the theoretical or traditionally historical question “What is literature?”, the critical and political question “What can literature do?” begs an answer. Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Henry James

Both James’s life and his literary career might be figured as a double spiral rooted at the one end in the American soil and in romanticism, ... Plus de résultats