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Livre numérique Globalization and the City

The world today is far less a global village than a “global city”, as global network of multidimensional urban spaces of congestion prominently forming – and also formed by – globalization. But the relevance of cities is nothing but new. Plus

Livre numérique Infrastructure Development and Urban Facilities in Lagos, 1861-2000

This book is the first comprehensive analysis on the history of infrastructural development and urban policies in Lagos since the colonial annexation to date. I think that the author faced almost three challenges to write it. Plus

Livre numérique Trends of Migrant Political Organization in Nigeria

After a long period of neglect and apparent abandonment by many scholars, the study of ethnicity in Nigeria and other parts of Africa has been revived, and with as much vigor as that which attended its ascendancy in African studies in the 1960s. Plus

Livre numérique Urban Research in Nigeria

This project was embarked upon to assemble and describe the available literature, on the urban sector in Nigeria, with special reference to technical/research reports, journal articles, theses, books and conference papers. Plus

Coerced Modernization in the East European Countryside
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Livre numérique A Tale of Two Villages

This dramatic story of land and power from twentieth-century Eastern Europe is set in two extraordinary villages: a rebel village, where peasants fought the advent of Communism and became its first martyrs, and a model village turned forcibly into a town, ... Plus