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Livre numérique Islam and the 2009 Indonesian Elections, Political and Cultural Issues

The history of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is part of the longstanding tradition of political Islam in Indonesia. Plus de résultats

Politics & Sexuality in Contemporary Indonesia
Langue English
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Livre numérique Negotiating Women’s Veiling

This study will focus on the Indonesian jilbab, an ubiquitous piece of cloth that covers the hair and neck of women tightly, leaving no skin unconcealed. Achievement and role of jilbab after the authoritarian regime of Soeharto in 1998 is hardly known. Plus de résultats

Testing the Limits of the Political Transition in Myanmar
Langue English
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Livre numérique The Kachin Conflict

Fighting in Kachin state flared back up just months after President Thien Sein came to power in March 2011. Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Réalités et représentations de la violence en postcolonies

On s'habitue - presque - à tout, même à la violence ! On s'exaspère de tout, parfois des livres sur la violence ! On se proclame expert en tout, surtout quand il s'agit de dénon­cer la violence ! On se veut cynique en tout, ... Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Cretan Cities: Formation and Transformation

This volume brings together a series of papers reflecting a number of lectures given at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in 2010-2012 in the frame of a seminar entitled La naissance des cités crétoises. Eight Cretan sites (Axos, Phaistos, ... Plus de résultats

Practices and Representations of Political Union in the United Kingdom (18th-20th centuries)
Collection GRAAT
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Livre numérique Bonds of Union

The appearance and development of a "Four Nations" slant on British history over the last two decades has in many ways pointed up "the Union" as an essential component of the national history or histories of the British Isles. "Four Nations" historians, ... Plus de résultats

Photographs from the Boris Souvarine Collection at the Graduate Institute, Geneva
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Livre numérique From Communism to Anti-Communism

Boris Souvarine moved from communism, in the first years of the Soviet régime, to anti-communism by the 1930s and throughout the rest of his long life. Plus de résultats

Critical Media Interventions in the Age of Biopower
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Livre numérique Activist Media and Biopolitics

After tactical media became less important, many media activist projects repositioned themselves: in the context of biopolitics they challenge the hegemony of biopower. Plus de résultats

Livre numérique Austria's International Position after the End of the Cold War

In the past quarter century we have moved from the Cold War to the Post-Cold War era in Austria, Europe and the world at large. Plus de résultats